Fertilization in vitro is usually accomplished often using ten to twenty oocytes per patient. With recent developments in IVF Technology, the proportion of viable embryos has increased significantly in recent years. This has increased the need of freezing of embryos, gametes and reproductive tissues. There are two basic methods, slow rate freezing and vitrification.

                           VIT MASTER


Freezing or cryo preservation is often planned with IVF and ICSI programme. It needs separate area or room (less than 150 sq ft) and availability of liquid nitrogen within your country.

The Setup:

  • Controlled Rate Cyro Freezer
  • Liquid Nitrogen Containers
  • Vitrifiation Kit (Vit set)
  • Disposables and Media

Opportunities and Success

The clinic/ hospital can start the formation of donor "Egg Banks" to facilitate and lessen the cost of oocyte donation for women. Also one can provide egg or ovarian tissue cryo-storage. Tissue banking has great future potential.