Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) has been the greatest boon to Male Factor Infertility which does not respond to conventional management. With this technique, men with severe oligo or asthenosoospermia can still own their child without taking resort to a semen bank. In ICSI eggs are retrieved (as in IVF) from female partner and under an inverted microscope each one is injected with single sperm isolated from the male partner's semen sample.



There is not much extra space required as now a days ICSI is always planned while doing IVF. However it requires specialized ICSI training for your embryologist.

The Setup:

Olympus IX51/71 Inverted Microscope with Narishighe Motorized Micromanipulators and Injectors, Camera and Monitor.

                      TOKAI HIT THERMOPLATE

Opportunities and Success

This technique has a much wider scope to cover all male infertility cases and increases business opportunity for the clinic. The IVF programme becomes self sufficient with addition of ICSI. ICSI also increases fertilization rates up to 90% and Pregnancy rates up to 30-40%.