Disorders in the hatching of the zona pellucida accounts for one of the main causes for lack of implantation and failed conception in an otherwise well managed IVF cycle. In order to overcome hatching difficulties an artificial opening in zona of an embryo is done prior to transfer with the help of infrared diode lasers. Being responsible for proper alignment and distribution of chromosomes during cell division, the spindle plays a central role in meiotic maturation of the human oocyte. It is composed of bundles of protein fibres, each fibre consisting of polymerized tubulin subunits. During metaphase, the chromosomes are aligned at the equatorial plane of the spindle.



No extra space is required for this. Octax Laser shot system and Octax ICSI guard can be easily fitted on an existing Inverted Microscope. A brief training on Assisted Hatching is required for the embryologist.

The Setup:

  • Octax Laser shot system with Eyeware Software and USB camera
  • Octax ICSI Guard with high resolution camera.


The clinic/ hospital can offer increased chances to its patients for conception in spite of older age. Also when used on cryopreserved embryos, it produces much higher implantation rates. The Octax ICSI Guard gives superior safety to the oocyte. The entire injection process is done while activity viewing spindle, thus avoiding all the chances of damaging the spindle while injection.