This is an advance process where several eggs are retrieved from a woman's ovary and then fertilized by the husband's sperm outside the body in controlled environment of the laboratory. The fertilized eggs then develop into embryos which are re-deposited into a woman's uterus by the procedure of embryo-transfer.

                                  LAB GAURD


A clinic / hospital requires 400-800 sq ft of space to start a basic IVF facility. More elaborate and advance facilities require about 1000-1800 sq ft of space. The rooms required are OT, Embryo Culture Lab (IVF lab), Semen Collection Room, Embryo Transfer Room and utility room. The embryologist need to be trained to do basic IVF lab routine work and the clinician need to have the knowledge of follicle monitoring on ultrasound and ovum pickup.

                                MOBILE NEST

The Set Up:

  • Galaxy CO2 Incubators
  • Supraclean Plus IVF Workstation
  • Olympus Stereozoom Microscope
  • Craft Suction Pump
  • Digital Heating Block
  • Fornax Spermfuge
  • Fornax Labguard Positive Pressure System
  • Disposables and Culture Media.

                         SUPRACLEAN PLUS

Opportunities and Success.

Your clinic/ hospital can provide better chances at conception to infertile couples with IVF technology, not to mention that IVF today is among one of the most profitable treatments to offer in the Healthcare Industry. IVF also allows you to facilitate egg donation and egg freezing programmes.